4YF Game

Here you have the opportunity to test yourself. After you have experienced all the dreams, you’ll get your own personality profile and suggestions for the various jobs and careers that seem to be suitable for you.

Below you will see a short guide for the game.

Have fun!





Before you can play, you must register in the ePortfolio system.

You need to fill in your ePortfolio user name and password to log in. This will enable you to access your games and personal profile.



In a game you will experience various dreams. When you have completed the tasks in all the dreams, your personality profile will be created. The information in your personality profile can suggest an aptitude for certain jobs or careers. These will also be shown in the profile. You can play several games with the same username. The details of the game will be saved and can be retrieved or deleted at any time.


For each game, you can select a character who will move through the dreams for you. As you will see, each character has a different personality. Choose the one you like best.



In the game, you experience various dreams. When you have gone through all the dreams, you will be shown your personality profile and suggestions for suitable careers and occupations. Of course, you will only get a profile and career suggestions that really suit you, if you do your best with the tasks and answer the questions truthfully.


Personality Profile

When you have gone through all the dreams, a personality profile will be created for you, based on your responses to the tasks and the questions. It will help you to better assess yourself, and should encourage you to think of yourself as an individual.

Your suitability for certain occupations or careers is based upon your personality profile. The profile contains statements about identifying your abilities and skills, your strengths and weaknesses. These statements should help you when considering the question “What’s the right job for me?“.

It’s possible to print out the results, so you can discuss them with someone you trust.